by Ali Jihad Racy Ph.D 
Professor of Ethnomusicology UCLA.

As a career Artist Dahlena represents 
The Dance Culture of the Middle East at it best........

by Lila H. Dole 
Professor of Emerita
Northern Illinois University 

Performing in Night Clubs across the U.S. Plus France, Syria and Iraq. Dahlena started her teaching career in the early 1970's
Dahlena has had a performing career in which she successfully transcended upscale night Club venues to the Concert stage.

Comments by well respected Professionals
Dahlena's  breif  Bio

Dahlena is a Career Dancer, starting in Boston, in  the early 60"s performed in Night Clubs across the U.S. Plus France, Syria and Iraq.  She was one of the preeminent pioneers of National  Workshops.  

Dahlena's experience of working with some of the finest  Musicians and Dancers from the Middle East influenced her stlye of Dance. Today, her Choreography and Dance style is modern 
Middle Eastern.
 based on a solid foundation of the past. 
Dahlena's lengthy BIO
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 Egypt’s Raqia Hassan said, “She is fantastic. If beginners could see Dahlena dancing, then they would understand Arabic dance.” (taken from Habibi) Vol 17 # 4 12/1999
Kansas performer/instructor Zada al Gaziyeh comments, “Dahlena’s technique is impeccable. What is more amazing is that her movements are precise without being mechanical. There is still the necessary softness that makes the movements feminine.” She also venerates Dahlena’s longevity in the dance. “Given the American propensity for youth, it is wonderful to see her in concert with other dancers and chosen as the best, the hottest,” said Zada.  

King Tut 1970'S
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