Dahlena's Summer Workshop  Belle Plaine Dance Studio  Chicago 2008
 Chicago summer Workshop,  Andrea, Front center, Ca Bay area - L America Mexico - R Cathy Ca Bay area - L Sherry WI - L Lynn MD - ?Center back  -  Lisa (Amorisa) IL - back R Jackie Chicago
Sabah of BellyDance Super Stars
and Angelina Chicago
Debbie of Chicago
Chicago Night out, Sabah, Angelina, Dahlena, Debbie
Some of Chicagos finest 2008
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Cl Andrea
Dahlena 1960
Dahlena 1972
Dahlena 1982
Dahlena and Joe Lazar Chicago 1976
Perfect stage make up

AMAYA Production DVD Cover
Bobby and Me 197?
Bobby and Me 1964
Organ Sargon Iraqi Dancers Yousef and friends Drum Hanna
Dahlena's Concert  Congress Hotel Chicago 197?
Dahlena San Francisco Bagdad 1963
Albert BABA Dahlena  Julianas Chicago