Yousef Moshe
 July 3, 1955 April 30,2011

Tribubte to Yousef Moshe
Yousef came to the U.S as a young man in the early 1970's. He lived in the Assyrian community of Chicago, IL  for most of his stay here. He worked hard to lean English and become an  American citizen. Yousef was Happy some of his family members came to Chicago soon after.
      Yousef's dream was to become a dealer in Las Vegas, which he did ( for one of the most prestigious Hotels in Las Vegas the Mandalay Bay) where he worked until he became ill.
   Yousef's    in the early 70's became part of our Dance Company, performing his Country dances,  Sheikhani (he also taught our dancers the Sheikhani) and played percussion with our Musicians. His Yelps and whistles added excitement to our performances.
 Yousef's  has a very loving and supportive family, they have been a source a comfort for Yousef in his struggle to over come his illness.
Yousef's  loved good food socializing, family, music and dance, Oh yes he loved the ladies. Yousef became part of our family and a dear friend he added a little something extra to our Dance World.
     THANK YOU for the many joyful years of support and kindness. 
We will miss your smiling face.We love you Yousef, from the Chicago Dancers and my family.

is survived by
 4 sisters and 3 brothers. Also a loving Mother
North Eastern University Chicago
Pic Congress Hotel Ballroom Chicago
N.E. University Chicago
Field Muslim King Tut Chicago
DeKalb University DeKab, IL