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Technique, Combination and Drills performed slowly and up to Tempo, repeats same as in the Class room. Dahlena facing the mirror on an angle same as in class
Lots of HIPS and SHIMMIES, Undulations, Hip Circles, Short Drum Choreography 
Plus Performing video clips at the END Two Disc DVD Aprox. 
1 hr and 55 min
The Performances are in The Los   Angeles area, Detroit, MI   (live Arabic Music) 
and  The San Francisco    Bay area.   
You will enjoy a variety of Middle Eastern Music and Colorful Costumes

Four performances 
Eight pieces of Choreography

 Performed by The Las Vegas Dancers
2 Oriental, 3 Saidi, 2 Ancient Egyptian

1 Fantasia 1 Kaleegy
Plus performance by Dahlena at the end
A variety  of Music and Costumes
Dahlena's Technique

Dahlena in  1980's Performance 
Dahlena's Las Vegas Choreographies
Dahlena's Choreographies 
Tigi Ya Mashtigish & Rachel 
Performance and Class
facing the mirror (2008)
Tigi Ya Mashtigish
Modern POP
Class video of 
Day  2 - 3 and  5  (2009)
Classical Oriental
Dahlenas Chorepography Beladi Taxim (check out performance on Video clips) and Alf Leyla We Leyla
Beladi Taxim and Alf Leyla We Leyla

Performance of Move your Belly in Costume and in the studio facing the mirror.

Slow Walk through of the Choreographies
And studio performances
Dahlena's Choreographies
 Gana El Hawa 
 Nebtedi  (Second Instramental) 
Abdel Halim Hafez

Both Choreographies Walk through facing the mirror and Studio Performance Plus some Tech
A Must have for all dancers A part of our Dance History in America - Produced by Amaya  Click here to order or to read more about the Video DVD

Dahlena's Choreograpy
Hakim El Wella Wella
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